Leadership is a dangerous, lonely pursuit that takes a toll. The statistics for Christian leaders are sobering.


Fifty percent of pastors are so discouraged they would leave ministry now, if they could find a way to make a living.

Almost half of pastors’ marriages end in divorce, and hundreds leave the ministry each month due to moral failure, fatigue, burnout, or contention with their churches or ministries.

Nearly eighty percent of those who enter ministry leadership in their twenties and thirties are done within five years.

Leaders desperately need a Harbor – a place to be resourced and restored. A place to find rest. A place to discover companions who will challenge them to dream again. A place to reconnect with the passion that once made them a danger to the enemy.

Out of our own brokenness and deep desire to keep pursuing God, we launched Harbor Ministries.

We are on a mission to help strategic leaders live with rhythm, leave a legacy, and finish well.

A rhythm that is balanced, purposeful, clear, centered, and sustainable over the long haul.

A legacy that is intentional and deeply impacts our families, ministries, and those we influence.

A finish that emanates the resilience, intentionality, and character that keep us true to who we are and what we were created to be.

Harbor Ministries, a 501c3 organization, is governed by a board of directors. Your donations are tax deductible. Ninety percent of all funds go directly to resourcing leaders.

Three Years. Three Events. 20 Emerging Leaders.

Disruption requires space and space requires time. RHYTHMinTWENTY invites 20 high-impact millennial leaders into a three-year experience.

During three gatherings over the course of these three years, we show them how to establish rhythm and balance in the face of challenge and resistance. We model how to create resilience and build deep community. We share the wisdom and scars we’ve gathered along the way.

Most importantly, we create space where leaders can unplug, unwind, and reconnect with God.

Two Years. Two Events. 20 Seasoned Leaders.

The story’s not over.

Most men reach a point when they are told it’s time to coast. ROGUE JOURNEY is an invitation to connect with other leaders who still long for adventure, investment, and impact.

At two gatherings over two years, we challenge these ROGUE leaders to step deeper into relationship with God, with their family, and with a band of brothers.

We discover together how to write the best chapters and leave a legacy that matters.


Two Years. Two Events. 20 Women.

REVEL is a one – year, two event experience for women who are on a leadership journey. It is for women who long to go to the edge, who are seeking a fresh wind and deeper experience with their Savior. Dare to reignite the fire of leadership, passion and vulnerability. Come away and revel in the raw, dangerous and beautiful life that your Father has invited you to.


On a Mission to Help Strategic Leaders

“Rogue was the most thoughtful, inspiring, creative and impacting event I have ever been to. So impacting that it is an experience that is begging to be told and shared with others.”

Bryan Clark
Senior Pastor - Lincoln, Nebraska
Rogue - Group 2

“Getting close to the Lord is tough as a guy. It takes work and dedicated time like anything else we want to get good at in life. Rogue gives me the compass and kick in the butt to do it! Sign up today!”

Jim West
Barnabus Director - Irvine California

“After selling my business, I moved toward launching a new initiative to mentor and disciple young leaders in the Tampa and St. Petersburg areas. My journey through Rogue has not only deeply impacted me, but is deeply impacting what I am developing here in Florida.”

Dave Zillig
Businessman - St. Petersburg, Florida
Rogue - Group 1

“Without a doubt it was critical in preparing me to lead a staff team and pastor a church of over 2,000 people. I came into the Rhythm journey in a desperate place. I'm so glad I was part of Rhythm.”

Trevor Devage
Pastor - Cincinatti, Ohio
Rhythm in 20 - Group 1

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Leaders desperately need a harbor – a place to be resourced and restored. A place to find rest. A place to discover companions who will challenge them to dream again. A place to reconnect with the passion that once made them a danger to the enemy.


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