20 for 20

Can you remember where you were living—physically, spiritually, emotionally, in your relationships and your career—before you encountered RHYTHMinTWENTY?

Can you recall the relief and hope you felt when you discovered SPACE to slow down and people to take journey along the narrow path to life with you?

Now is the time to offer that same discovery to other young leaders. This year, we are inviting RHYTHM alumni to join us in supporting the next generation of leaders by pooling our resources together in 20 for 20.

Specifically, we are asking that 20 RHYTHM alums from each group would start giving $20 a month toward our new Rn20 groups.

It costs Harbor Ministries $5,000 for a young leader to complete the Rn20 journey. Twenty alumni each giving $20 for twelve months (that’s $240) can fund the process for one leader. As you know, all RHYTHM groups are funded by individuals who deeply believe that twenty young leaders who discover how to do life and ministry with a new rhythm can change the world. What if your RHYTHM group would commit together to funding one leader each year? Here’s what were asking:
  1. Pray about becoming a 20 for 20 partner.
  2. Talk with your RHYTHM brothers about joining you in this commitment.
  3. Visit harborministries.com/donate/ to set up a recurring financial gift.
This is one way we can join together and expand the Harbor ripple. Will you join us in extravagantly investing in the next generation of leaders so they can experience what you experienced through RHYTHMinTWENTY?

PS: Don’t feel constrained by the $20. This is just a starting point. If you are able to invest more to support leaders, bring it on. If $20 is a stretch, do $10 to get started. The idea is that we become regular and intentional in passing on the Harbor legacy.