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An Invitation to Pursue God in a Fully Disrupted World

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“The time to give up on leading a passionate and purposeful life is not now. Tim Bohlke extends an invitation for us to reestablish a faith that is vibrant, engaged, and firmly anchored in a personal relationship with God.”

Mark Batterson
NYT bestselling author of The Circle Maker

The world has been shaken.

We feel the tremors in our government, our economy, our relationships, and our faith. As we navigate life in a disrupted, post-pandemic landscape, our instinct is to retreat to safety and comfort. But if we quiet our fear and anxiety and seek spaces where we can hear the still, small whisper, we discover God is beckoning us to something more.

God invites us to move forward—toward the edge, toward risks, toward those things that appear to make no sense. In these pages, seasoned ministry leader and author Tim Bohlke explores what it means to stay engaged in a wild, adventurous pursuit of God and his purposes amid disruption.

“The pace of the modern world is inherently disruptive. In the middle of all the craziness, a few sane voices rise above the noise to guide us. Meet Tim Bohlke. For decades he has been about creating places and processes for leaders to recapture inner life, purpose, and health. He understands that who we are is how we lead. If you desire to be a person who stays faithfully committed to your highest life purpose and calling, read STAY WILD. In it Tim will guide you to rhythms and disciplines that will ensure you live your best life.”

Dan Webster

Founder – Authentic Leadership, Inc.

“I have a growing concern with our culture’s withdrawal into that which is safe and comfortable. It feels like we’re losing our perspective on what it means to be alive. At the top of my list of concerns is the reality that you can’t passionately pursue God and idolize comfort. Tim calls us as followers of Jesus to buck the cultural trends of passivity to Stay Wild in a passionate pursuit of God. I couldn’t agree more, and I highly recommend this book for anyone hungry to really live this one life we’ve been given.”

Bryan Clark

Author of God’s Not Like That

“Early one Sunday morning, I was reading Stay Wild when my ten-year-old daughter asked if I would read out loud to her. Not expecting it to go very far, I started to read to her about the power of authentic encounters with God. Less than a week later, we finished the book together, with her leading the way. She loved the storytelling from Tim Bohlke, bridging from the scriptures to today. Since reading together, she’s been asking, ‘Dad, when are we going to go take some space with God? This read is more than another Christian book on how to follow God, it’s an invitation to change everything. If my ten-year-old daughter can catch that, so can you.”

DJ Jergensen

Lead Pastor – Durango Vineyard Church

“Stay Wild is a gem that struck a profound chord with me. Tim Bohlke’s writing is not just thought-provoking but also deeply introspective, making it a delightful journey. Through his words, Bohlke navigates faith, creativity, and the ever-elusive quest for inner peace in our chaotic world. As someone who values faith and introspection, I found this book to be a compelling read that not only provides inspiration but also fosters a deeper connection with God. Bohlke’s book provides a truly enriching and enjoyable experience for anyone on a quest for self-discovery and spiritual growth.”

Natalie Tysdal

Author & Journalist

“I highly recommend Stay Wild. Tim Bohlke shows us how to keep our heart for God alive and fresh even while living in a world that constantly is fighting against it. I’ve been involved with Harbor Ministries for the past seven years, after meeting Tim in a way that only God could have put together. I’ve had the privilege of seeing firsthand men’s lives change by experiencing one of the Harbor Ministries groups.”

George Andrews

Wealth Advisor & Former NFL Football Player

“Tim has stirred something deep inside me to pursue life to the full. With his unique style and simple, deep, yet practical challenges, I find myself yet again longing to break out of the ruts of average or normal. I suspect this book is also exactly what your soul is searching for to come alive and stay wild.”

Tyler Crosson

Lead Pastor – BridgePoint Church
Tim Bohlke

About Tim Bohlke

Tim Bohlke is the founder of Harbor Ministries, a journey that encourages, challenges and inspires leaders to live with rhythm, leave a legacy and finish well.

Tim has experienced the challenging and sometimes rough seas of leadership in his roles as an executive leader, pastor, teacher, coach, and counselor.

He is passionate about being a husband and dad, and has been married to Marcia for more than 30 years. Tim and Marcia have three grown children and make their home in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Tim loves traveling, biking, the mountains around crested butte, the San Diego boardwalk, and creating meaningful experiences for his family and others.

Tim plans to continue chasing cliffs and seeking ways to disrupt the status-quo leadership story.


Tim Bohlke