Help us disrupt the story and change the outcome for leaders, families, churches, and other impacting organizations.


Help us disrupt the story and change the outcome for leaders, families, churches, and other impacting organizations.


We’re just getting started, but we need your help.

Help change the story

If you’re weary of hearing the narrative of leaders who have stumbled, fallen, burned out, or just walked away, help change the story.

Join us in creating space for the disruption that allows strategic leaders to shake the world, live with rhythm, leave a legacy, and finish well.

All funds go directly to training, mentoring, resourcing, and restoring leaders.

Harbor Ministries, a 501c3 organization, is governed by a board of directors. Your donations are tax deductible. Ninety percent of all funds go directly to resourcing leaders.

Sponsor a high-capacity Leader on their journey

Because we believe it’s vital to invest in young leaders, we raise money to cover the entire cost of the three-year RHYTHMinTWENTY experience. All we ask of these emerging leaders is that they pay for transportation to and from the events.

Invest in the Outpost

The RHYTHMinTWENTY, ROGUE, and REVEL Journeys are not over when they’re over. Outpost is our strategy to help leaders stay connected to people and resources over the long haul.

Invest in the Harbor Staff & Support Team

Support the key staff and support team of Harbor so all other donations can go to supporting the pastors and other leaders around the country in the RHYTHMinTWENTY, ROGUE, and REVEL leadership journeys.

Rent the Blue Spruce

Every rental of the Blue Spruce Manor and Blue Spruce Cabin supports the mission of helping strategic, high-capacity leaders live with rhythm, leave a legacy, and finish well.

Creative Projects

In the years ahead we plan to launch several new RhythminTwenty, Rogue and Revel groups … and our hope is to expand the impact, influence, and footprint of harbor through:

-The Space Podcast

-New music projects in addition to three current albums …  a new music album just for participants, and a new Lectio album is in the works

-New writing projects including a 3rd book and additional devo guides

-New videos unpacking the journey and impact of Harbor Ministries

Give Stock

Individuals may donate publicly traded securities held long term that have appreciated in value over the course of time directly to Harbor Ministries, Inc. These types of gifts permit the donor to claim a charitable tax deduction for the full fair market value of the security and avoids capital gain tax on the transfer.

Learn More

If you wish to give stock gifts to Harbor Ministries, Inc. by electronic transfer, please give your broker the account name, account number, and DTC number for our UBS account.

Our UBS account number is 2K11197 and the DTC number is 0221. The tax identification number for Harbor Ministries, Inc. is 20-4894998. The mailing address is:

PO Box 21984
Lincoln, NE 68542

If your broker needs any information from us, please have them contact Stephanie Coler at 402-730-3037

For us to give you proper credit for your contribution, please notify us of the transaction date, the number of shares, and the name(s) of the stock(s) you are transferring. Your gift will be acknowledged with your annual contribution statement.

Send the above info to Stephanie Coler at

On a Mission to Help Strategic Leaders

“Rogue was the most thoughtful, inspiring, creative and impacting event I have ever been to. So impacting that it is an experience that is begging to be told and shared with others.”

Bryan Clark
Senior Pastor - Lincoln, Nebraska
Rogue - Group 2

“Getting close to the Lord is tough as a guy. It takes work and dedicated time like anything else we want to get good at in life. Rogue gives me the compass and kick in the butt to do it! Sign up today!”

Jim West
Barnabus Director - Irvine California

“After selling my business, I moved toward launching a new initiative to mentor and disciple young leaders in the Tampa and St. Petersburg areas. My journey through Rogue has not only deeply impacted me, but is deeply impacting what I am developing here in Florida.”

Dave Zillig
Businessman - St. Petersburg, Florida
Rogue - Group 1

“Without a doubt it was critical in preparing me to lead a staff team and pastor a church of over 2,000 people. I came into the Rhythm journey in a desperate place. I'm so glad I was part of Rhythm.”

Trevor Devage
Pastor - Cincinatti, Ohio
Rhythm in 20 - Group 1