Core Team

behind the scenes people who invest and support a person organization, or cause with the intent of advancing a critical mission


Harbor Ministries is inviting you to be part of the core team of this ministry as we continue to impact strategic pastors and business leaders around the country in the Rhythm In Twenty, Rogue, and Revel leadership journeys.

This is our moment… as we continue to invite strategic leaders around the country to pursue rhythm, leave a legacy, and finish well.

Phase 1

Support 2 executive leaders and 1 support staff

$240k a year for 3 years

Harbor is looking for 20 Members to be our core team and make a 3-year commitment to give a annual suppport of:

$24k, $12k, $6k, or $3k

With 20 individuals, or couples, averaging $12k per year, Phase 1 is met.


per year
3 years


per year
3 years


per year
3 years


per year
3 years

“Rogue was the most thoughtful, inspiring, creative and impacting event I have ever been to. So impacting that it is an experience that is begging to be told and shared with others.”

Bryan Clark
Senior Pastor - Lincoln, Nebraska
Rogue - Group 2

“Getting close to the Lord is tough as a guy. It takes work and dedicated time like anything else we want to get good at in life. Rogue gives me the compass and kick in the butt to do it! Sign up today!”

Jim West
Barnabus Director - Irvine California

“After selling my business, I moved toward launching a new initiative to mentor and disciple young leaders in the Tampa and St. Petersburg areas. My journey through Rogue has not only deeply impacted me, but is deeply impacting what I am developing here in Florida.”

Dave Zillig
Businessman - St. Petersburg, Florida
Rogue - Group 1

“Without a doubt it was critical in preparing me to lead a staff team and pastor a church of over 2,000 people. I came into the Rhythm journey in a desperate place. I'm so glad I was part of Rhythm.”

Trevor Devage
Pastor - Cincinatti, Ohio
Rhythm in 20 - Group 1